GlobalPoint Healthcare practice is one of the best according to the health care informatics.

For delivering prominent entire business solutions in the health care arena, clients valued our company themost. Evolving technologies, Legacy systems presence, varying phase of managed health care business and better management control invites an IT partner with profound expertise in managed health care applications. Our company can understand how to implement and manage health care systems as we have executed over full life cycle managed health care product implementations.


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Confronting challenges such as

  • Unbilled patient days?
  • Premature patient discharges due to insurance denials?
  • Staff burnout, shortages, and escalating turnover rates?
  • Hurdles in timely documentation for Utilization Reviews?
  • Unprepared physicians/providers for impactful peer-to-peer reviews?
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GlobalPoint is Here to Transform Your Healthcare Operations:

Harness our top-tier IT solutions and industry expertise to address these challenges head-on.

Our Technical Proficiencies Include:


Cloud Technologies
AI and M&L
Custom Applications

Our Impact in Pharma & Healthcare:

We’ve catalyzed transformations in insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, and hospitals by:

  • Elevating overall efficiency
  • Minimizing labor costs and intensity
  • Bolstering collaborative frameworks
  • Amplifying occupancy rates
  • Delivering insightful data analytics and reporting for managerial excellence
  • Facilitating seamless information sharing between suppliers and healthcare facilities
  • Integrating operations with city, county, state, and federal government entities

Ready to Revolutionize Your Healthcare Practice?

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Expert-led Workday solutions with AI & cloud enhancements. Global insights, 25% cost savings, and impeccable post-launch support.


Leading Appian BPM solutions with a global reach. Expertise meets cost-efficiency & innovation."

Cloud Technologies

Trusted AWS and Azure partner, delivering free initial strategies, unlimited support, and cost-effective cloud solutions.


Premier SAP consultant with 16+ years of expertise, amplifying enterprise investments via AI & cloud.
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