GlobalPoint offers robust cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and financial capacities. Entrust us with your cybersecurity requirements to benefit from a comprehensive defense strategy that optimizes security measures, streamlines complexity, and ensures genuine peace of mind. Whether you are currently facing a breach or simply seeking reassurance, we are here to assist you.

Our Cybersecurity Products:

The GlobalPoint Cyber Security Product can be swiftly deployed within minutes to effectively detect vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring your protection against potential attacks. Its comprehensive approach to cybersecurity guarantees a high level of safety.
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Comprehensive Protection

Providing a comprehensive shield, GlobalPoint Cyber Security Product is supported by advanced technology and human expertise. It offers top-notch cyber security, precise and reliable alerts, and enhanced return on investment.

Endpoint Security

GlobalPoint Cyber Security Product ensures protection for all major platforms, including server, desktop, and mobile operating systems. It effectively identifies and resolves attacks and vulnerabilities on your endpoints.
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Prevent Endpoint Attacks in Real-Time

Protect your systems against ransomware, malware, and advanced persistent threats with our cutting-edge endpoint agent. Developed by seasoned cybersecurity experts, our solution offers real-time threat detection, analysis, and response capabilities.

Simplified Endpoint Security

Rest easy knowing that your devices are secure with our comprehensive endpoint security solution. Our technology defends against malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats, and enables fast incident response and recovery. Our easy-to-deploy, auto-updating technology ensures that your security is always improving.
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Detect and Respond

Our GlobalPoint Cybersecurity Product provides fast and accurate threat detection, real-time active response, and intelligent alerting to secure your endpoints. Our behavior detection system monitors and evaluates endpoints 24×7 to identify malicious behavior.

Real-time malware blocking is a feature of our solution that responds to cyber threats in accordance with your business requirements and Active Response profile. Our solution also offers intelligent threat alerting, which notifies users of critical details such as threat type, severity, and actions taken.

Additionally, our solution provides enriched endpoint monitoring, which accurately flags and stops abnormalities and suspicious activity based on your business’s typical endpoint behavior.

Our solution also blocks malicious processes and access activities commonly seen when attackers run malware payloads.

We restrict attackers from loading malicious kernel-level modules used to gain permissions to a system, stop abnormal access between programs and file systems regularly seen during a ransomware attacks.

We monitor network traffic to allow general connectivity but prevent access to malicious hosts or IP addresses.

Furthermore, our solution stops anomalous registry activity seen when installing malicious software, disabling protections, or removing security tools.


GlobalPoint Cyber Security offers hands-on cyber security training to develop individual skills, rehearse incident response, and train as a team.

We shall grant you entry to a virtual environment and an extensive array of courses founded on genuine, real-world incidents. This will allow achieve efficacious experiential learning results. Our approach to learning is experiential, which augments retention, enhances preparedness, and diminishes errors, through a dynamic, hands-on learning

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Cyber Services

GlobalPoint offers comprehensive assistance from a team of proficient cybersecurity professionals.

Our services encompass employee training and education, prompt incident response, formulation of crucial policies, and enhancement of your cyber security stance through strategic and technical consulting.

We are equipped to assist you with:
• Digital Forensics
• Incident Reporting

Achievements/Track Record:

Our collaboration with entities like Fiserv and our established footprint in the banking sector underlines our commitment to excellence.

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