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At GlobalPoint Inc., our specialists are renowned leaders in the realm of business process automation across diverse sectors – be it finance, banking, insurance, energy, and more.

We’ve established a robust partnership with APPIAN, a pioneer in AI and Process Automation, ensuring that we optimize, restructure, and streamline business models and processes at a fraction of the usual cost.

GlobalPoint’s collaboration with Appian goes beyond mere association. By amalgamating our profound Appian BPM knowledge with advanced RPA technologies and AI, we’ve crafted groundbreaking products like the Appian Transaction Disputes at Fiserv Inc. With a battalion of over 300 level 1 experts, we stand poised to guide you to success in your forthcoming endeavors.

Venturing into the cloud realm? Let GlobalPoint guide your journey. Our Appian-centric service offerings assess your business’s cloud migration readiness. We’re your one-stop destination for everything Appian, fortified by our unique tools and accelerators to hasten your migration to Appian Cloud.


Also our team can provide cost effective support services in Appian  with onsite/offshore model.

Why Choose Us?

– Proven Track Record: We’re a trusted partner for clients across the board, consistently delivering on APPIAN BPM Automation.

– Cost Efficiency: Our BPM projects are timely and guarantee at least a 25% cost reduction compared to market standards.

– Unwavering Support: Post-implementation, not only do we offer customer support, but we also extend the build and configuration expertise typical of an APPIAN service partner, ensuring cost-effective and streamlined outcomes.

– Experienced Teams: Our professionals come with 15-20 years under their belts in APPIAN BPM Automation, with alumni from giants like Big 4 and more.

– Learning from Experience: We ensure that pitfalls linked with APPIAN BPM Automations are sidestepped during your implementation.

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Global Presence, Local Expertise:

Our expert teams span USA, Canada, Mexico and India, providing you with a worldwide reach backed by localized knowledge.

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